Dănuț Mustea: I always wanted, from as little time or resources I had, to help others in need

door mihnea

My collaboration with Startpunt began last September on an ordinary day when I walked, by chance, on Chausee d’Anvers at noon. I saw a lot of people waiting outside the house number 34. Without hesitating, I walked in and asked the person in charge if my contribution as a volunteer was needed.

Quickly I went to help with washing the dishes. It was later on that I found out the project is dedicated to asylum seekers and refugees. It wasn’t a matter who Startpunt was addressed to, in my opinion people in need of my services are people regardless where they are from or the reason they came in Belgium.

Now I usually help with the logistics: serving the visitors in the front, and also cleaning the tables and plates of food. Once a week I can be a good resource for Startpunt. Also, working side by side other people is always a pleasure and my colleagues know they can rely on me!

Dănuț ”Daniel” Mustea