Lucette and Pieter: We choose to take action instead of standing by in silence

door mihnea

I started to volunteer at Startpunt in 2015. Pieter, my husband, joined me some time later after that year. On Tuesdays I do not work and our children have grown up so I have some time left free to volunteer.

Why do we do this? Simple, we just want to make a small contribution to help people fleeing persecution or war. We choose to take some action instead of standing by in silence. There are a lot of people who support refugees or asylum seekers but they are not in the possibility to volunteer every week. We are lucky to be able to plan a weekly presence at Startpunt. It is also very encouraging to watch young people showing up with the same positive attitude.

It’s been almost 3 years and we don’t plan on stopping. Being a volunteer in Startpunt is also a nice opportunity to meet other people who are open to other cultures and want to do something good without expecting anything in return.


Lucette and Pieter