Pierre Delagrange: We have to keep this positive attitude so I am inviting more people to join Startpunt

door mihnea

On an afternoon in 2014 while being out in the city with two friends of mine, Mina and Hanna, I found out about this organization they were working for, that helps refugees and asylum seekers. Because I previously worked in Morocco with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, I was curious to find out more about it and what they do exactly. At the invitation of Mina, coordinator of volunteers at that time, I have discovered Startpunt and the team who was very open to letting me join.

Now it has been more than 4 years that I am a volunteer in this project. Being a migrant myself and working on an personal research about irregular and regular migration, I am in a good position to know that people who have left their homes and arrived in a new country are always in need of someone to help them. Whether it's giving good information about where and how to do their application for a legal status in Belgium, or just a place to relax for a moment over a good cup of tea and something to eat, surrounded by people providing positive energies, Startpunt can offer that. That is why I feel good and am happy to volunteer there for the logistics part and sometimes by providing information. 

My first 2 years in the Startpunt I was giving 3 days a week from my time, but now it is only once a week so other people can have the chance to help and also feel the positive energies from our project. It is always a good pleasure to work with volunteers, colleagues coming from different countries and enjoy giving help alongside Belgian volunteers. 

Life is something we can't really explain, but we do our best every day to make things better, for us and others. We have to keep this positive attitude so I am inviting more people to join our volunteers team. 

Pierre Delagrange