Refugee Route is back!

The Refugee Route is a city walk through the North Quarter of Brussels that aims to provide a better understanding of the Belgian international protection system, with information on the general procedure, the reception of asylum seekers and the concrete situation of people on the move.

Refugee Route is back! 

We walk together through the different stops related to the lives of people seeking international protection, listening in an interactive way to their stories and testimonies to give the participants a real-life picture of what asking for asylum looks like in Belgium. We learn more about why people flee and what their rights are. 


We visit relevant stops in Brussels, and at each place stop to discuss the role of each institution or organization in the asylum procedure. Through these stops we form a picture of the Belgian and European current approach to asylum and migration.  

“I never knew that the asylum process was this difficult. It really changed my view on the whole process to see not only the people on the move but also another side of Brussels that isn’t at all touristic.”

Why do we consider this an important and interesting activity?

The goal is to stimulate critical thinking for participants on asylum and migration as an important social matter that could also affect their lives. However, it is an interactive activity depending on the audience's specifications.  So, if you have a specific question or perspective you want to have during the route, let us know and we will see what we can do. 


“It was an eye-opening experience: we were not aware of the difficulties in each of the steps of the procedure, so we now see people seeking international protection way more differently, with respect and empathy.”


  • The route can be organized both in English and Dutch. 
  • The route is only available during the week. 
  • Number of participants per group: 15 - for schools it can be up to 20 per group. 

How much does it cost? 

  • The standard fee: 300€ 
  • Social and non-profit organizations: 150€ 
  • Schools: 100€ 

*You can always reach out to talk about the price. 

For registration and more information: @email