Refugee Route (ENG)

Walk in the footsteps of an asylum seeker
Refugee Route
What journey does an asylum seeker make on his arrival in Belgium? Join us on our Refugee Route. Take an informative walk through the Brussels North Quarter along the asylum services. Experience the thresholds that people on the run experience in their search for a safe home.
Will you join us on our Refugee Route?

During a walk through the North Quarter, you will gain an insight into the asylum procedure and the reception conditions for asylum seekers in Belgium. The walk follows the path that asylum seekers also take: from their arrival in Belgium to obtaining the status of recognized refugee, the return to the country of origin or a further stay on the streets. 

Get to know the ins and outs of the Brussels migration network and face the confrontation that people on the run experience every day at the asylum services!


  • A walk through the North Quarter of Brussels. We will go with you to the North Station, the Maximilian Park, our Starting Point and the registration point at the Klein Kasteeltje.
  • Visit locations that form the beating heart of the Belgian asylum network.
  • Receive interesting information from our staff members and ask questions.
Klein Kasteeltje - Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen
"I learned so much valuable information I never knew before and it gave me a chance to reflect on how I can help.This experience changed my mind and now I have an improved perspective of refugees." Jesuit Refugee Service

The content of the Refugee Route can be adapted to the profile of the group. We ask for a contribution tailored to your means.

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