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Planet Search
Country of Origin Information of asylum seekers
Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen launches 'Planet Search'. With this new service we want to provide lawyers and social services legal support in their work with applicants for international protection. Our goal is to conduct research in specific cases and to provide sources about the situation in the Country of Origin (COI).
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What is COI?

With Country of Origin Information (COI) we refer to information regarding human rights, security situation etc, in a given Country. This information is helpful to beef up cases for asylum procedures or to appeal decisions of refusal.

Why is COI important?

COI is becoming more and more relevant in law cases. We are noticing a development in the asylum procedure, and this information is taking up more space and importance. In some cases, it is crucial to change the result of a procedure or appeal. For this reason, we believe that COI should be included in international protection procedures.

Example of questions that we received
  • Security situation and gang violence in Colombia;
  • subsidiary protection in Benin City, Nigeria;
  • generalised violence and civilian casualties in Afghanistan;
  • LGBTQ+ rights in Afghanistan;
  • family reunification Eritrea/Ethiopia;
  • international protection in Greece;
  • security situation in Iraqi Kurdistan, and Dohuk.
  • security situation in Nineve, Iraq.
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Practical information


To enroll register via our web form below and proceed with the payment.

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When you fill in the web form and pay, you will receive the e-mail address to which you can send your questions. NB: in your e-mail, you can ask more than one question. We count them as individual questions that we deduct from your total ten questions.


The cost of the service is 121 euros and it gives you access to ask 10 questions.


We undertake to answer the question within 5 working days. However, if we receive many questions, we reserve the right to send the report within a more extended period than the one indicated above. In this case, we will inform you of the possible delay in receiving the answer.


The language used for this service is English.

Info Line
Our Info Line provides answers to citizens' questions about the residence, reception, accomodation, access to education, etc. of people on the run. It is available every working day by phone between 9 am and 12:30 pm.
Legal Helpdesk
For legal questions regarding the asylum procedure and reception of asylum seekers, you can contact the Legal Helpdesk that we keep open together with the Agency for Integration and Civic Integration.