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Planet Search is a research tool tailored to the needs of lawyers, social workers, and others who support asylum seekers. We provide research on applicants' country of origin information (COI) to strengthen the argument for legal aid in the application of international protection.
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What is COI?

COI research is a method for obtaining information on objective facts and situations of a country. The objective is to corroborate the credibility of an applicant seeking international protection by substantiating the “well-founded fear of being persecuted” on grounds stipulated in the Geneva Convention.

COI research encompasses a wide range of information, including the human rights, humanitarian, and security situation, along with the legal, political, and economic contexts. It also assesses the availability of state protection and internal fight options, as well as specific events and incidents that have occurred in the country.

Why is COI important?

COI products are crucial elements of asylum procedures. The practical role of COI in international status determination procedures is preparing for an applicant’s interview, assessing the applicant´s statement against the country conditions credibility evaluation, and forming the background evidence to be used in assessing the risk of return.

Example of COI questions answered

  • How are LGBTQIA+ persons treated in Georgia?
  • What level of control does Al-Shabaab have in the Middle Shabelle region? What are the consequences? Is there evidence of patterns of forced marriage by Al-Shabaab?
  • What is the assessment of the Angolese healthcare system? Specifically, regarding favism and its access to treatment and medications?
  • What are the conditions and restrictions for adults and minors to exit Eritrean soil? If successful, what are the potential travel paths from Eritrea to reach Uganda and Ethiopia?
  • What is the current situation of divorced women in Tunisian society and the family circle?
  • Are there reports on traditional harmful practices? What is the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia?
  • What is the situation of beneficiaries of international protection in Greece?
  • What is the situation of beneficiaries of international protection in Italy?

Practical information

Sending a request

The process is simple; the exchange is done by e-mail, where you can send your question(s). We keep track of the questions asked and deduct a question from your 10 package questions.


The language used for this service is English.


The service works with the subscriptions (please find the details below). The subscription gives access to a set of 10 questions. Such a subscription costs 121€.


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The COI question should be answered within 5 working days. However, please note that the delay can be adjusted according to your needs. Moreover, if we receive a large number of questions, we reserve the right to send the report within a longer timeframe than the one indicated above. In such cases, we will inform you about the possible delay in receiving the answer.

Quality of the research
  • Legal and Research Expertise
  • Partner organisations worldwide
  • Specific training EUAA
  • Large Network
About the team

We uphold the values of fairness, integrity, and dedication and firmly believe that every individual deserves safety and dignity, regardless of their origin. To achieve this, providing comprehensive support to asylum seekers and their advocates is crucial. We aim to enhance COI quality and expertise to assist people on the move better.

Enabling you to prepare for your asylum law field.
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We are thrilled to start a collaboration with you soon. In the meantime, do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our Planet Search Team will be happy to answer them. 

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