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Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen (VwV) is a platform of Belgian NGOs and volunteer groups (Flanders and Brussels based) defending the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Belgium. Startpunt is in direct contact with asylum seekers, being a unique project in Belgium.

It is a strongly developed volunteer structure within Vluchtelingenwerk, with four objectives:

  1. Facilitate access to correct information for asylum seekers;
  2. Contribute to lobby and advocacy work for the protection of the rights of asylum seekers through monitoring of the situation of asylum seekers and migrants in illegal stay;
  3. Raise public awareness on asylum and increase solidarity;
  4. Contribute to the integration of refugees through volunteering with Startpunt.

The Startpunt project plays an important role in raising public awareness and increasing solidarity, by telling stories of asylum seekers that allow the broader public to know them and learn more about their situation and about the Belgian asylum system.

For the upcoming Startpunt project we will recruit 3 ESC volunteers:

  1. One for the information activities, content training and coaching of the volunteers team;
  2. One for the volunteers coordination and activities for social cohesion in the neighbourhood;
  3. One for communication with the larger public.

Participants Profiles

The 3 candidates

As Vluchtelingenwerk is a movement that is strongly embedded in civil society, we expect all candidates to have been involved in civil society activities and/or organisations in their home country. They should understand what the roles and added value of civil society are. The candidates must furthermore have a good disposition to interact with asylum seekers and vulnerable people.

Openness and non-discrimination are essential principles in the Vluchtelingenwerk approach and we expect candidates to share the Vluchtelingenwerk values and working principles. Successful candidates must not hold any prejudice against refugees and migrants, the target group of the project. On the contrary, they should be open to people from different ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds, and be willing to develop their own intercultural skills.

They all should have analytical skills. They should be creative in finding solutions to overcome obstacles and be innovative in making suggestions for improving the project. They will have the elementary skills for training and teambuilding activities. Being multilingual is an advantage. English is commonly spoken at Startpunt and knowledge of French, Spanish or Arabic is a plus as many asylum seekers and volunteers at Startpunt speak these languages.

The two first candidates should have good basic knowledge in asylum matters in Europe and have a basic understanding of the European context.

The third candidate, on communication, should also have an activist spirit, analytical skills and be able to formulate suggestions based on daily practice and communication actions for improving and/or extending our social media handles and website. Ideally the candidate should not only be multilingual but also have a good knowledge of Dutch.

The communication candidate

The visibility of the Startpunt project is in the heart of the communication participant, who will share activities, testimonies and results by all communication means that Vluchtelingenwerk is using. It will make the Startpunt results visible for a broader public and inform the public on asylum related issues.

Job description
  • Field work at the arrival centre with the Startpunt team;
  • Coordinate the collection of testimonies of asylum seekers;
  • Editing of activities, testimonies and project results on the website;
  • Make presentations of the Startpunt activities and content;
  • Update of website content;
  • Maintenance of the social media channels and usage of social media Tools (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google);
  • Assist with the implementation of the Strategic Development plan for communications, including newsletters (internal, external)
  • Assist in the production of advertisements, campaigns, press releases, and promotional materials;
  • Creating look and feel of a website or visual brand;
  • Short video content and editing.
The communication candidate should dispose of the following skills and competences
  • Writing and editing skills;
  • Good listener and intercultural communication skills;
  • Stress resistant;
  • Experience in social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google);
  • Experience with graphic design;
  • Good knowledge of Adobe, Photoshop, InDesign, Publisher, Illustrator;
  • Good basic knowledge of Windows, Video Editing programmes and networks;
  • Proactive at work and can make an analysis of IT problems and challenges;
  • Planning and organisational skills;
  • Preferably Dutch and French speaking in addition to English.

Candidates with a refugee status are strongly invited to apply.

For more information: @email

For sending your CV and motivation letter: @email
Mention: Communication volunteer
Closing date: Friday 17 September 2021, 12am

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